How small of a hole can a raccoon get through?

For some people, raccoons are cute pets, while for some people; they are rodents that get into their house and staring making mess throughout the house. In other words, they have a dual reputation, but we cannot deny the fact that they are unique specie.

Although they look cute when they can be a serious issue for the security of your home, thats why it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

What size of the hole can a raccoon fit, though? 

According to the general thumb rule, they just need to be fit their head in the hole rest of their body will be adjusted according to the hole.

You will be a wonder to know they seem fluffy, but they have a flexible body so they can easily adjust their body according to the hole. This is the reason they can get through even a small hole. Sometimes they eat the hole with their sharp teeth to make a proper way to get into the house.

Due to their fluffy bodies, they can even adjust to the narrow holes. Although their body is flexible, they have sharp-clawed that help them to make their way even in a narrow hole.

A small hole can be an entry point for a raccoon, so do not underestimate the power of a raccoon.

What are the holes that can be there entry point? 

In your home, there are some gaps that can be welcome for animals like raccoons. Like your vent, yes, we know there are small gaps in the vent, but as we mentioned above, their body is flexible so they can easily adjust themselves according to the size of the hole. They use vent to get in, and later, there are chances they may choose your attic to live because it is one of the secure places for these kinds of animals, especially in the winter.

The other space that they may find to get into the house can be placed near a deck or any cracks that they can extend with the help of their claw just to make their path into the home.

What is a precaution to avoid entry of raccoons? 

There is the following suggestion that you can use to keep the raccoons away from your house.

  • Check out all the gaps within your house and close them properly. If there is a big gap that is difficult to close, and then keep the bricks in a random position; for raccoons, it is difficult to remove the weight.
  • There must be any attractants within the house; thats why they get in, remove bird feeders, and another source of food. If you have plants, then use the peppermint oil spray or any other product that has an odor, it will help to keep them away from your plants.
  • Place the garbage into the close containers; if raccoons find nothing, they can consume the garbage.
  • Make sure you have sealed all the gaps properly.
  • Use trap to get rid of raccoons, or you can also hire professionals.

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